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Money Ninja will guide you in your journey to financial enlightenment by sourcing expert, accurate and reliable information for you to reach your black belt in finances.


What is car finance? Car finance is a direct loan from the bank, a financial institution, or a car dealership which is secured against the car you plan to buy. The car serves as collateral for the loan,…
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Cash loans (or payday loans) are relatively small short-term loans with a high interest rate. The name is derived from their purpose – to support someone through until their next payday. These loans are…
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What is a personal loan? A personal loan is a type of ‘unsecured debt’ which means that the loan is not backed up by a guarantor (a backer or a sponsor), and you don’t have to put down collateral, such….
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Where can I get a student loan? South African citizens have two options when applying for student loans: 1. National student financial aid scheme NSFAS is a government-run scheme…
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  • For many, medical aid is often seen as an optional extra – a “nice to have” for one day when there’s a bit of extra money. When times are tough, it’s also one of the first monthly expenses to get......